About Us

In 2001, Shawn Rine decided he would like to earn a little pocket change. With a used mower and lots of hard work, he got his neighbors' yards into shape in no time. Nearly two decades later, Rine Landscape Group has a few more mowers – not to mention a staff of certified landscape specialists and an extensive portfolio of innovative, functional landscape projects in neighborhoods all over the Greater Columbus Metro Area.

Our Mission

The mission of Rine Landscape Group is to enhance the beauty and functionality of every property by carefully listening to and responding to client needs, from conception to completion.

Our Promise

Rine Landscape Group promises every customer the best possible service from design to implementation and beyond. We will stay focused on the details and catch the problems that others might overlook the dirty driveway, the corner of the lawn that got torn up, the one paver that is a bit out of level. Rine Landscape Group cultivates a culture dedicated to honesty, continuous improvement and high expectations.

Affiliations and Certifications

Our affiliations and certifications are one way in which Rine Landscape Group can explain what we do and how we do business. Industry organizations help educate our team on new techniques by keeping us aware of the latest innovations with new plants, diseases, best practices and other information that is used to provide outstanding service to every client.